Level of difficulty of problems-[admin]

Some of you may get stuck with certain problems on this Online Judge platform and feel frustrated to move forward.

Mr. Wong is planning to give an estimated level of difficulty to each problem. Problems of 1* are the simplest. If you fail to solve a difficult problem, you may skip it, finish other problems, and try it again later.

Problem ID-[admin]

Since more and more questions will be added in the furture (I hope so), Problem IDs will be arranged as follow for easier navigation.

Page Problem ID Type of Question
1 10xx input/output
2 11xx arithmetic operations
3 12xx pascal built-in functions
4 13xx selection
5 14xx iteration
6 15xx string
7 16xx array
8 17xx parallel array and 2D array
9 18xx searching, merging and sorting
10 19xx recursion
11 20xx DFS / BFS / Tree
13-14 22xx CCC questions
15-16 24xx HKOI questions
17 26xx Other competitions
18 27xx Misc questions

Compeition Questions-[admin]

Some question appeared in competitions will be adopted here, you can distinguish them by the category in the title of the problem.

[HKOI] - Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics

[CCC] - Canadian Computing Competition (Hong Kong Contest)

You can use the search function under "Problem Set" to find these problems.


Welcome everyone to the platform for fun programming!

This platform is under a trial run. If you experience any problems/bugs/inconviences, please inform Mr. Wong in-person, on the forum here or through facebook.

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